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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tricksie Little Hobbits

Annie has learned a couple new tricks.  Pretty much every time Annie sits down on a hard floor, she starts spinning around on her cute little hiney.  Sometimes she sings.

Annie also spends a majority of her days toddling around like this.  We are excited for her.  She looks ridiculous because her head is much bigger than the other kids and she can barely keep it balanced as she walks.

We had a bit of an unschool home school day.  I was not about having lessons today.  We just got creative.  These are all ideas from "The Preschoolers Busy Book."  Everyone played-Mommy, Alex, Kristiana and Annie.

This is the "Pirate Island" game.  One person is the pirate and everyone runs around crazy, from island to island (the pillows and blankets), running away from the pirate in order to not get tagged.  The carpet is the water.  Annie was a mermaid, since I knew she would not stay on the island.  We destroyed the living room for this game.  Score for the kids team.

100 5025

This game was followed by splashing.  The kids put on swim suits and got splashy with buckets of water in the backyard.  Then we did scribble pictures.  You make a scribble on a paper and then color in the spaces different colors.

100 5026

Then we read stories.  Alex helped me make pizza dough. And later I had Alex clean pennies with vinegar.  It was quite a day.  Some days just need to be unconventional.

Monday, October 19, 2009

When Good Scholars Burn Out and Other Oddities

How do you know when you are burned out on being a graduate student? 
You finish off a day of studying and work with a ride on the see-saw with a good buddy.
(Look at the disgruntled child waiting for his turn.)

Elation after the dads finally give the kids a turn.

The baby to the left is five months old. Kristiana is 10 1/2 months.
Anna-Kate's a little big for her age, Kristiana is a lot small for her age.
What can I say?  We're hobbits.

Krisitiana found a little treasure at the park.

I received this table cloth for a wedding present.
I always thought it clashed with everything and was way too loud. 
But, with fall harvest gourds a top this table cloth has suddenly become festive.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Little Hobbites News

Kristiana had tubes put in her ears on Monday. She was a little fussy on Monday, because of the anesthesia. Tuesday she was a very good girl. She clearly felt better. And last night she slept through the night for the first time since she started getting ear infections way back in February. Praise God, Alleluia. Her parents are finally going to start getting some sleep...okay, Kristiana too.

Kristiana has also becoming a little mover and shaker. She has officially started crawling, but she doesn't crawl for long. She usually uses her crawling skills to crawl over to furniture to pull up on. She has become very skilled at furniture surfing. There is some motive to her furniture surfing too. She usually is after her big brother's toys. They are much more interesting than her own. Of course, Big Brother is not at all happy about her interest in his toys. We just try to teach him to share with her.

Alexander has been very successful with his potty training. He will not put on underwear for his parents, but he'll put them on at preschool. He has not mastered the whole art of using the toilet, but that will come with time. He has had a very strong start. All together, Alexander is doing great.

I read in my potty training book (yes, I read books to learn how to do something as simple as potty training. I would be a worry wort if I did not learn about what the "experts" say, and in turn I would probably make Alexander a basketcase) that even though most kids can learn potty training in a weekend, they do not master it for 3-6 months. Which means that they will still have accidents; It may take them time to learn to do #2 in the toilet; They will still wear a diaper to bed for a little while.

Alex also started at a new preschool on Monday, and he likes it very much. They have more structure. He seems to be flourishing. He used to come home very stressed out and cranky. After the first two days at the new preschool he has come home very happy and relaxed. Instead of telling me about how the one of the other kids hurt him, or how he had to go to time out, he tells me about new friends. The new preschool is closer to home and where my husband will be working, so hopefully my husband will be able to pick him up earlier more often.