Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Busy Weekend...But When is it Not

On Saturday we went to the wedding of David and Katie Ramsey. I think they did a wonderful job on their wedding. It was an outdoor wedding, which Andrew touts is very pagan. It is certainly not for us, especially since we had a very ceremonious 1h45 long wedding with a lot of long standing Christian tradition. Theirs was, I think a Baptist wedding. We have never been to one of those. We have been to a couple non-denominational Christian and few Catholic weddings. Despite the heat and a few bug bites, I thought the outdoor wedding underneath the trees made a beautiful setting. It was small and intimate, and there are a couple good stories to tell.

The groom, David, cried all through his vows and Katie just smiled. You could just hear in his voice that he thought he was the luckiest guy in the world to be marrying her. He obviously loves her very deeply. I will certainly be praying that this is a happy and holy marriage.

But, the big story is when the bride almost lost her dress. They were going to drive Katie from the location where she was getting dressed to the area of the wedding. They loaded her up on the vehicle (it was like a John Deer Gator – Kind of like a golf cart) and as one of the groomsmen said he could see this was going to be bad. Her gorgeous white dress flowed off the sides of the vehicle and as it started to moved the dress was caught under the wheel and tore the back half off. The groomsman went sprinting across the property to her location to her aid, but as he put it, not that he could do anything. Then the mother of the bride followed suit of the groomsman. It is quite something to watch a finely dressed fifty year old woman go sprinting across a field. Luckily the bride’s maids, and that is what they are there for, not just to look pretty, worked magic safety pinning that dress back to exactly the way it looked before the mishap. The wedding went on and no one was the wiser about the dress.

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