Thursday, March 6, 2008

Go Away T.V. You're Not Welcome Here Anymore - "I am So Over You"

I think I was a better writer in 2007. I went back to look at some of my blogs, though there are some mistakes, I found some of them quite profound and eloquent. I used interesting phrases and big words. I feel stupid now. Who was that writing on my blog? It is sad that I am not more eloquent now.

I must have been reading better books then. All I have been reading for the past three months are parenting books. Parenting books are written pretty simply (third grade level). I do not know if I am getting anything new or non-intuitive from these books. I am going to finish the three books that I have now (I have a thing about finishing books, even when I don't want to--long story) and then I do not think I will read any more parenting books. My sister gave me one called Parenting With Love and Logic. I will not be satisfied until I know what this book has to say.

Parenting is a lot of trial and error (and prayer), because you are dealing with young, inexperienced humans. A lot of parenting has to do with confidence in how you discipline (=to teach) and changing it if it does not get through to your child. Of course, I am no grand master at this parenting thing as I have fumbled through in the dark. (Yeah baby! I rock! Go Moms! You rock!) But, Alexander is still alive and well. I think that I have done an okay job with him.

I think I need more practice. Better get working on children # 2 through 8. I should read better books too. Step One: Cancel the cable. Andrew, I don't know why you care so much if I cancel it. You hardly ever watch T.V. I bet you thought this blog was going to be all about T.V.

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