Sunday, June 17, 2012

Snack Attack

These kids do not eat meals.  They snack, which of course drives me mad, because I have to feed them all day and at inopportune times.  These girls crack me up about their snacks too.  They don't want a grill cheese sandwich.  They want a vegetable tray with ranch dressing (Okay, and candy or sugary cereal, but that makes me sick to purchase knowing what's in it).  We have been obsessed with vegetable trays this summer.  So here are my two goofy girls, who helped themselves to this veggie tray.  They took it out of the fridge, climbed up on the table and devoured nearly all of it.  Well done girls. 

100 6336

100 6337

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Shane or Violet said...

I am glad some one else lets their kids sit on the table. I have given up on that one.