Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog Silence = Reality Commotion

It's been a while, but I have been BUSY.  We had to put our lives back together after our summer away.  Then we prepped for beginning our first year enrolled in an official home school program.

I had an early birthday bash with me sister in Wyoming.  My sister treated me to see our favorite band in concert.  

The kids and I met up with some other Catholic home schoolers last week.  

We have visited with a lot of people since we have been home.  I guess distance makes the heart grow fonder.

We finally cancelled the cable.  I have been talking about doing it for years, but it has always been a disagreement.  We still watch our DVDs.  It's been a good thing.  The kids watch a lot less T.V.  But, so far we adults have not watched less.  We have been watching Inspector Lewis in the evenings.

I have begun trying to potty train Annie.  I do not think I am a very good potty teacher.  I get too distracted and forget, or take them at the wrong times.  That being said, Annie has gone #2 on the toilet two consecutive days.  Now if I could only help her have success with a #1.

We began home school on Monday.  I spent three days prepping lessons.  Kristiana is beginning preschool lessons too.  She got very jealous today when I was trying to finish lessons today with Alex.  I try to include her in it, but she did not want to join in for these lessons.  She said she was tired, but would not go rest. Blech--Grumpy tots.

Alex has been giving me hell over doing his lessons the past two days. He will do them to earn time playing computer games and play with his legos, but he will bellyache about it the whole way.  It's not hard work and it is not uninteresting.  He just doesn't want to do anything we tell him to do 

I must find some way to make this fun.  I guess this next weekend as I prep the lessons I am going to find some exciting way to present the material--like with glitter, paint, clay, songs, pizzazz.

Does anyone else have a contradictory home school child? What do you do for them?  I am not giving up on him.  I see that he is bright and capable.  Though he complains all the way through, he does his work and does it well.  Home school is not bliss for us, but I am sure this is all worth it.  

First Day of Home School

100 6786

100 6785

New Lego Blocks to Play with after School

100 6791

Andrew Made us a Chalkboard (Alex's Pop Quiz)

100 6795



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Kayleena said...

I was thinking about pestering you about blogging but then I realized you were probably busy. I figured you wanted to blog, you just couldn't due to time constraints. Since having #3 I have felt more time constricted than ever before (go figure!) but it is still nice to find some time to write out thoughts and get feedback from people I love and respect.

I do not have any advice for your homeschooling days. Except that you are awesome, your kids are already smart and will continue to be (they are around smart adults all day!) and I still just wish we lived closer so our kids could get together more! I would totally take your little ones for a kid swap. You should really consider Seattle. It's a great place to live :)