Saturday, May 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes - The Spring Has Come

1. We have lived in our house two and half years and I think we have done very well with our garden.  Here is my beautiful spring garden with herbs and flowers and the sweetest smelling climbing Jasmine in the back.  I am also hoping to grow bell pepper this year.  We'll see.  Peppers tend to be a late summer and fall crop around here. 

100 7730

2. Garden Helper - I caught Lucy standing on her own, but I did not get the camera quick enough.  This is the picture after the moment.

100 7733

3. Lucy has been our latest walker.  I blame her tiny feet.  Her feet are so small they aren't enough to balance her body.  Kristiana and Annie walked at ten and half months and Alex walked at nine months.  Despite not being able to walk yet, she knows how to climb up the slide by herself.

100 7727

4. "Mommy, I am going to make you an anniversary present."  This week we celebrated eight years since our marriage crowning.  The kids were happy to celebrate with us.  Alex made us a Lego heart.  I told him I would take a picture so that he could keep his Legos.  He was adamant that we should keep the heart.  That day my husband started to feel ill.  He has been sick with the flu ever since.  Boo.

100 7720

5. Oh, Annie! "How do you solve a problem like Annie?" (The Sound of Music)  She's just full of two year old.  Sometimes we think she has gone totally mad.  But, there is always a simple explanation behind it--not enough to eat, not enough sleep, not enough words to express her needs, curiosity, her demands are not sensible (no, you can't eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner).

100 7731

6. This is exactly what I tell my kids not to do.  The kids were watching me too.  I totally poked myself in the eye while taking this picture.  Now mommy has bangs.  I have not had a haircut since Lucy was born a year ago.  My hair was no behaving anymore.  At some point here I really should see a professional.

100 7719

7. And one year after Lucy was born, I am 48 pounds lighter.  Finally I look on the outside what I have always felt like I was on the inside--just a normal girl--not a big girl not a small girl--just normal.  I think I'd like to lose another ten pounds.  I have quite a bit of fat still in the mommy section that I would like to see go.  But, it was tough to make the last ten pounds go, so I might just have to stay happy right where I am.  

100 7693

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Kayleena said...

I usually cut my own bangs but not the rest of my hair! lol, you crazy mama. go get a nice haircut :) Although, last time I cut my bangs a bit too short and have not enjoyed the pictures of me lately with uber short bangs.

Wow, seriously - 48 lbs?! What an accomplishment. I've reached a stale mate in my weight loss, too. I'm looking to lose another 10 lbs but I've only lost 16 so far so yeah...anyways. It's fun slimming down, I have to say (as someone who has never, ever dieted before) I am doing it with the knowledge that I will likely be pregnant again and will not be the same weight for very long. It's just nice to know I can do it when I need to though. If Mike gets a raise any time soon I'll get a gym membership, but for now, walks around the block and chasing Michael around will have to do. Cheers to a happier/healthier body!

Are you coming to Washington this summer???