Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Art Class

Sometimes I feel I should be doing better things in art class.  I remember childhood art projects so fondly.  However with all the little ones it's hard to do anything special.  

Part of me feels that our curriculum is not very good in certain areas.  While it teaches line drawings appropriate for the age, it lacks the kind of creativity that I feel little ones need at this age.  Then again if it required more than basic supplies I would not do it anyway.

Indeed, I should be able to come up with some creative projects.  There are a few reasons I do not do more creative complex projects.  Firstly, when I sit down to lesson plan on Sunday or Saturday night I am usually pretty tired and not feeling creative.  I just want to slap together the lessons and launch head first into it on Monday.  Secondly, it's pretty difficult to conduct a proper art class with so many little ones around.  Lastly, owning lots of different art supplies is expensive.  

As they all grow more mature, I am sure that we will do more elaborate art lessons.  However, I worry for the older children that they did not get to experience it when they minds are most creatively fertile.  C'est la vie. I am sure they will turn out all right. ;-)

Here were are working on painting a Chalice

100 8152

100 8159

100 8153

100 8162

Lucy was getting in the way of the older siblings, so she was banished to eat pretzels.

100 8168

Mno Hiya Lita!

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