Saturday, March 15, 2014

Feeling Vein

I have good news.  A huge weight has been lifted from my heart.  But first some background...

My doctor had made a request to my medical insurance company to cover the treatment of my varicose veins, which became intolerable with my last pregnancy.  The request was denied.  At first the office manager had told me the treatment would cost $2,200.  This upset me.  I could not want to spend thousands on myself, especially when it is not a life threatening condition.  Alas, when I called another time she said that was only the first half of the treatment, it was really going to cost $3,900.  Then and every time I thought about the procedure I felt my mouth go dry and my throat tighten.  I would think about the cost, which weighed heavily upon me and then I would think about the pain in my legs, which is nagging.  Must I really go on with this constant aching?  I quizzed myself over and over, is this really all that bad?  Can I live with this?  I resolved I would find better compression solutions (socks and hose) and save my family thousands of dollars until I could afford this surgery without it being a burden upon our finances. 

I took another step as well.  I wrote an appeal to the insurance company.  I was astonished that the insurance company would not cover this procedure.  As I stated in my letter, I was appalled that they would basically only cover the procedure if my vein ulcerated, the most extreme level of the disease, yet, the company covers chiropractic services and therapeutic massage.  Why not cover this procedure that would help with my pain and improve quality of life? 

I understand that some people experience varicose veins as nothing more than a cosmetic abnormality.  The veins bulge and contort and look ugly and that is all.  If it were only that, I would not be worried.  I am not a vain person (pardon the pun).  I know my beauty is within, hideous physical abnormality, or not.  However, my veins hurt, which is how some people experience it.  As I describe it, it often feels as though someone has put a blood pressure cuff on too tight and left it there.  My leg will feel hot, tired, heavy and swollen.  It's just unlucky, happenstance.  Or is it?

I think many would confer it to damned genetics, curse it and lament.  I believe there are no coincidences and everything, even that which seems without sense, has a purpose.  I am not sure what I am to learn from all this.  But, part of me thinks this is an opportunity to place me at Christ's feet.  Feeling sick, desperate, and alone, I turned to Him.  I felt very alone on this all, because it is not a burden I have felt I could share with anyone.  Folks just cannot understand what a tempest lies in my heart over this dilemma.  And so I pray.

Blessedly, I received a favorable response to my appeal.  The insurance wrote that my plan did have "riders" that would allow coverage.  So, here I sit post-surgery with an achy leg and grateful heart, hoping that this is the end of my vein troubles for at least a long while.

Mno Hiya Lita!


Kayleena said...

So happy for you girl. Are they doing the other leg at some point? I'm glad this worked out for you as I know it was causing you a lot of distress both mentally and physically. God is good.

priest's wife said... is NO FUN....but I am glad you got this! I have been wanting lasik surgery for ever...but I just can't do it because of the TRUE vanity issue- glasses are nothing like the pain you have been going through