Thursday, June 12, 2014

Washington Trek 2014

Ready to Ride
This little girl is the worst traveler of our family.  
We had to entertain her the whole way.  It was a pain. 
Then she would cry for an hour before she would nap.
At night, she played up. 
But, she was funny too.  She learned a lot of new words on our trip.
At one point she started screaming at a big rig hauling cars.  
She yelled, "Get down! Get down!"  She thought the cars were up where they ought not. 
It was a riot. 
We told her it was okay.  They were stuck up there.  Then she starting saying, "Stuck? Stuck."

Good travelers.
All on one bench seat, taking care of each other.

We saw hundreds of giant windmills all across the prairies.

We visited at Grandma's house in Wyoming.
Grandma set off fireworks for us!
Fun times.

Alex built a castle out of the broken bedrock on Grandma's property.  Mommy helped.

Lady loves Grandma's property, because she can run and sniff and explore.

The kids can too.

And it is very peaceful.

We visited Uncle Adam's tomb, and laid flowers there.

We watched the trains go by at the downtown Laramie bridge over the tracks.  
They blew their horns for us.

Artists have painted the buildings down town.  This is new since I was a child.

This happened here.  It's the pride of our state. "The Equality State."

My mom found this statue in a storage unit somewhere.  
I'm convinced it's the statue from my first grade classroom at St. Laurence Catholic School.  
If it is not, it is at least a replica. #nostalgia

Then we drove 1,000 miles more through Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, taking in fresh mountain air and huckleberry ice cream and finally arrived at our final destination in Washington.  

Now is the time for Washington adventures.
Mno Hiya Lyta!

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