Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Annie's Fourth Year

Well, I thought I would blog about Annie's birthday, but I decided to make a movie instead. Annie likes to feel special.  So I thought a movie was due.

On Annie's birthday I gave her a birthday gift early.  It was a Hello Kitty tee shirt, so she could wear it all day.

Then we worked on a shortened day of home school, so that we could go to the zoo.  It was a perfect visit to the zoo.

We spent the morning at the zoo.  Went home and had lunch and a short rest.  A little while later a couple friends came over for cake, painting and presents.

I drew Hello Kitty pictures for all the kids to paint, but I did not take pictures of them before the tots turned them into muddy messes.  However, Kristiana, painted hers neatly. 

Birthday Magic

Alex made Annie a Lego present.  Whenever there is a celebration Alex makes Lego presents.  However, he did not give it to her.  He carried it around for days and showed everyone what he had made. He was pretty proud of it.

Mno Hiya Lita!

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