Tuesday, November 11, 2014

If You Want to Keep A Secret...

...Don't tell your kids.

I'm 7 weeks pregnant.  I'm not too secretive about this fact.  I feel awesome about it, hopeful and so full of life.  It's actually a really difficult thing to keep under wraps.  

Our children know I'm pregnant.  They are pretty happy and excited about it.  Our son said, "I want a brother, but if it's a girl I want her to be as sweet as Lucy."  Awe.  It's his way of saying Lucy's a nice sister.

I think I have underestimated how big this news is to the children.  I hardly think about it.  Sometimes I wonder if everything is going well, because I have only the occasional symptom.  However, every time we go out in public the children start telling every stranger they meet, "My mom's pregnant!"  

I've asked them not to do that.  Like I said, I'm not secretive about this, but I really don't feel like striking up a conversation about my pregnancy with strangers.  But, it occurred to me after this happened four times in a row with me correcting along the way, they must really be excited. Having a new brother or sister is in the fore front of their minds.

It's really quite sweet.  They pray for the new baby everyday.  I'm not ashamed about this, so I am really going to have to stop being embarrassed when they tell strangers. 

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