Saturday, February 28, 2009

TOO CUTE - Mother's of Little Girls Beware

Check out my cousins' new business! I will definitely be purchasing one of these as soon as Kristiana is big enough. This so creative and beautiful. Prices and ordering details are toward the bottom of the page on this blog.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Renee’s 7 Quick Takes Friday - And Atlas Shrugged

1. Facebook Fast? Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal. (Click Here)
This is sad and painfully true for many Facebook users. I don’t know if I want to do this. But, I could probably benefit from it.

2. Canned seafood is delicious, is good for your wallet, good for your waistline and has a multitude of health benefits. My favorites are smoked oysters, smoked kippered herring, tuna, salmon (in that order).

3. I have recently taken up drinking a glass of wine with dinner as often as possible. Weird that’s like an uber adult, or European thing, to do.

4. Coffee is my beverage of choice lately. I have recently taken up making and drinking coffee every morning. I never understood why my mom drank so much coffee. I thought her habit of drinking almost a pot a day was disgusting. Now that I have two kids, I totally understand. If it were at all sane to drink coffee all day, I would. I usually try to keep it to one cup of coffee and one cup of tea since I am breastfeeding. I totally feel bad about giving all that caffeine to Kristiana. And no, I will not be giving up coffee for Lent. It’s just not a vice for me, yet. We’ll see what the effect on me is when there are a couple more kids in my house.

5. Poor Alexander – cool moist, moldy weather = asthma = up all night coughing = parents up all night and breathing treatments = icky, runny, burning, frequent diapers = sad Alexander. BUT, we’re all used to the drill by now.

6. Kristiana is the classic trooper of a second child. She’s so strong and intelligent, she amazes me. She has a smile that can brighten any day. Alexander also amazes me. On Tuesday morning Andrew and I went get ready for work and left Alexander to his trains. As we were both standing at the sink Andrew’s phone began to ring. “Who is that?” Andrew asked.

I replied, “Oh, I am calling you apparently. Alexander must have my cell phone somehow.” An endearing moment ensued.

“Hello? Alexander?”

“Hello? Mummy? (pause) Mummy! Trains, mummy. [blah, blah, blah, baby talk].”

“Alexander, give the phone to Daddy.” Andrew ran downstairs to get the phone and Alexander gave it to him. Awe, so cute.

7. Strange to say but, YAY Lent starts next week! There is something about suffering, self-denial, good works, and attentiveness to one’s soul that is cathartic and uplifting.
Happy Mardi Gras to all.

And P.S. I plan to begin reading Atlas Shrugged. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Renee Needs

It's been a while. I am just trying to find the balance. I haven't even kept up on my favorite blogs.

Anyway, I thought y'all would be interested in this, because it's a chance to google yourself, so it should be fun for you.

Here's how this works: Google *your name* needs, and write down 10 of the search results.

1. They were all along the lines of "Renee needs to gain weight" and "Renee needs a man."
2. Her advice: Renee needs to get back to the joy of "just being."
3. You know if Renee Zellweger needs a couple of bucks, I'm happy to lend it to her.
4. Renee needs a break. (Ain’t it the truth? We all do.)
5. Renee needs a home. She squats in a shack down on Gardner street. In the shadow of wealth and the town's elite. Wondering each day what she'll have to eat.
6. Renee needs to tell a very important reality-altering story –
7. Renee Zellweger Needs a Makeover.
9. At her work, if Renee is late more than six times, she's in danger of losing her job.
10. Garlington Center needs your voice, Renee