Friday, May 16, 2008

Update - Sarah's Visit

The coveted stroller is currently being shipped to me courtesy of my sister, Sarah. She is in town for a visit and she wanted to take Alexander for a walk this morning. She asked me if I had a jogging stroller and I said, no. She said, I thought you had one. Then she asked if there is one I liked. And I said, as a matter of fact, check out my blog (as I hopped around like little kid in the excitement over a toy I liked). But, I told her that I wouldn't get it, because it was too expensive. She said that she wanted to get me a baby gift for the new baby. And voila! the stroller is being sent to me. Woot! THANK YOU SISTER SARAH. Time to do some off roading.

Alexander was adorable this morning. We bought peanut m&ms for him so that my sister could be cool Auntie Sarah who gives him candy. She woke up and gave him some m&ms while I was in the shower this morning. He came running into the bathroom and did a little happy dance and gave the biggest smile I have ever seen, then ran back out. He didn't know she was going to be here. It was pretty funny. I have never seen him so happy before. He was smiling and running around all morning. I am sure he and my sister are best buds by now.

Tomorrow, Sarah and I are going to run a 5K together. Here's hoping I can run it, since I have been skipping the daily jog lately. Hopefully we will have a fun filled day and I will not get too tired.

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