Thursday, October 2, 2008

’09 Presidential Political Impressions 1.0 - Marxism

After last Friday’s presidential debate I was not impressed by either candidate. By this point in presidential elections I am usually disenchanted and disheartened by both candidates and to be honest, nothing has changed. There comes a point when a mature individual realizes that neither candidate will be able to wave his or her magic wand and fix everything. However, please excuse the South Park reference from the 2000 election, at least it’s not between a douche and a terd sandwich.

Despite my disenchantment, my mind IS made up about this presidential election. There are a couple of things I must point out about the opponent. Firstly, Sen. Barack Obama has been accused to his face that he is a Marxist and he has not denied it, nor can he deny it. His intention is to transform this nation from a historically successful capitalist democracy to a socialist democracy a.k.a Marxist society. Everything Obama has proposed to “Change” the U.S.A. are Marxist tenets.

Marxism has proven, on a grand scale, to be an ineffective form of government and has crippled great and weak nations alike. This alone could be the greatest reason to vote for the other candidate, Sen. John McCain, who desires to move America back toward our capitalist roots. It is the very same capitalist government that our founding fathers intended us to have when they wrote the declaration of independence, declaring that we would not be crippled by British “taxation without representation.”

With the economic strife we Americans have suffered in recent times, it is clear we have already begun our transformation to a socialist democracy. In hindsight, the credit crisis was created not only by greed, but socialist tenets claiming that everyone ought to be able to get a credit line. The fact is that not everyone deserves credit. It’s earned through hard work. It used to be that you paid 20% down to buy a house on credit. That was ended with the idea that poor people deserve to own houses too. Look where that socialist idea has gotten us—global destruction of the credit market. Well done socialism. A vote for Obama is a vote for socialism, a vote for Marxism.

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Anne said...

Awesome post. I'm looking forward to those yet to come :)

pope52 said...

"A vote for Obama is a vote for socialism, a vote for Marxism."

Perhaps a bit extreme, given Obama's overarching democratic mores.
Civil Rights are a democratic doctrine -- not one espoused by Marx.

He also demonstrates a general faith in democratic institutions. You don't hear him insinuating extraconstitutional means to policy ends and he appears to remain thoroughly committed to a representative process.

Also, "no taxation without representation" is not precisely a "capitalist" doctrine, and I am hesitant to dub the Declaration a capitalist manifesto.

I'm rather ambivalent about the candidates, but your charge of Marxism seems somewhat tenuous.

That said, I hope you are well. We should play cards sometime.

Renee Therese (Towler) Clayton said...

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