Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Sweater She'll Probably Never Wear, Etc.

Well, it only took 5 weeks of Alexander’s napping or bedtime, and two seasons of NCIS on DVD to finish, but here it is—My Homemade Baby Sweater. It’s a nice relaxing activity for a pregnant mommy.

I learned a lot about gauge while making this sweater. It turns out that it was okay I knitted it too long, because the gauge of yarn and needle size I used made the sleeves longer too. I also learned some new techniques. It’s super soft and probably more a 12 month old size sweater. I still have to get some mauve color buttons.

Next up, a cable knit scarf. I have the supplies now for cable knitting. We’ll see how I do. There are always mistakes when learning to do something new.

Sad times—I think very shortly our digital camera will die a permanent death. I cannot say that I have been very pleased with it. I can never get a picture with the right lighting. It’s either too bright, too dark, or grainy. Now it takes pictures with a dark band at the top. I paid way too much for it. Lesson learned: it’s not a good idea to buy a digital camera off of ebay; further it’s probably even better to be able to give a camera a test run, since it is so expensive.

Too bright, too dark, too grainy

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Anne said...

THAT is the cutest sweater I've ever seen :) I can't wait to see it on her! Let me know if you want me to check the button store up here for some maroon buttons (it's the "largest button collection in New England" or something).

And for digital cameras, how much are you willing to pay for a new one? There are some pretty good deals if you keep your eyes out. Let me know!