Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Takes Friday (Kacy Style)

1. I am going back to work February 9th. Though I will miss the children terribly and will probably have to work even harder than before in every area of my life, I am grateful to have a job when so many in our nation do not have jobs. On the news this morning they announced that 90 workers at Mrs. Baird's bread bakery in Waco would lose their jobs. These are trying times.

2. O This week we endure, Thy name is colic. Kristiana has developed a little colic and it sounds like she wants to die when it comes upon her. All day long every day--I am not able to get too much done, because she is terribly unhappy. She could also be having a growth spurt. She can't seem to stop eating.

3. Flat Belly "Bam Ba lam" - Andrew and I started the Flat Belly Diet (as found in Prevention magazine February '09 issue) on Tuesday. It's pretty simple and easy to follow and in just four days we have both lost four pounds. We are coming down from our rich holiday food high. You should check it out. But, the fact that I am losing weight while nursing a 6 week old baby may be contributing to her colic. I don't feel bad. I was eating really poorly and now I am eating nothing but vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, some fruits and most importantly on this diet MUFAs. You'll have to read the diet to figure that one out. This diet is pretty much like all the other healthy diets--south beach, zone, insulin resistance--except I have found it easier than the others.

4. Help, I am drowning in clutter. Is it just me, or does everyone struggle with clutter as much as I do? Seems like there are always piles I have to deal with. I like to think I am good with organizing, but maybe I am not good at letting go, because you always need something a day after you get rid of it. Besides what do you do with it all?

5. Insurance companies are evil bastards--I got a bill for $305 this week for a lab that should have been 100% covered. I called a million people (okay, three - the three companies involved, my doctor's office, the lab billing and the insurance company). After a couple of hours and no answers later I was ready to have a meltdown. The only conclusion that came from all three was that the lab was not in my network. But, how did it happen that it was sent to an out of network lab...After several days and more calls the conclusion is that either the insurance will pay or the dr.'s office will, but I do not have to pay. Whew! I'll admit in my half starved, over-tired state I shed a few tears, while no one was watching. I don't know why this particular incident seemed like the end of the world to me. Maybe it had to do with the five loads of laundry piled around my living room I was attempting to conquer at the same time.

6. How do all you mommies and grand mommies keep a two year entertained (short attention span) while getting stuff done around the house and also juggling a newborn. Alexander always wants all eyes on him, or playing with him, or he must watch T.V. I don't want him to watch so much T.V., but every time I have to leave the room or breastfeed he starts breaking stuff, or has to follow me, or sit next to me, or hit the baby. Eeek, what to do with the dethroned first child?

7. Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, for all the blessings he gives us even in these troubled times. He is with us and He shows us signs everyday. Do not forget to thank him today.

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