Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Stream of Neverending Laundry...Alexander's Sick 2.15

Eleven loads of laundry later, Alexander is still tossing his cookies, etc., and I have still not begun our family's regular laundry.

It all started late Saturday night, which was really early Sunday morning around midnight. I heard acry and went to Alexander's room to check on him. It was not quite his normal middle of the night cry. I opened the door and smelled it (I will spare you the detail of the odor, but it wasn't roses). I immediately knew something was wrong and flipped on the light--vomit everywhere--poor kid. That was load of laundry number one. Andrew helped me bathe Alexander and remove bedding. At that point Alexander was a bit traumatized and wanted to sleep with mom and dad and vomit on mom and all of mom and dad's bedding. We should have known better (load of laundry 2-3, plus pillows 4-5)--we did know better and ignored it, because we were tired. Then we all had a camp out in the living room--auxiliary blankets and pillows vomited on a couple more times (loads of laundry 6-11, I threw in all the blankets he used for good measure, and towels used to cleanup). Whew. All day Sunday he was tired but stopped vomiting and kept food down; Monday he was feeling fine, but had fevers; Tuesday, today, I woke him up and he immediately had diarrhea and a little bit of vomiting. Woohoo! and more laundry to do.

A lesson for all parents of little ones with an upset tummy: have a plan for vomiting. We were so tired we didn't think about letting him vomit all over the blankets would create so much laundry. We did have a bucket for him, but it's not easy to get a little one to warn you they are going to throw-up. In the past we have handled it better putting Alexander on towels and getting him to do it there. It created a lot less laundry. I think Andrew and I were both too sleep deprived to think and just wanted to cozy up and get some sleep. It was a bit of a cold night. C'est la vie-back to it

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