Sunday, March 1, 2009

Attack of the Alexander Monster

Photoshoot - to update pictures of the princess. Notice Alexander in the background.

"Mommy, take pictures of me too." (the jealousy begins)

"Baby Sister, get out of my Picture!" (Whack!)

(Head butt.) "Move, Baby." (Sadness.)

"This photoshoot is over. I am getting my 3 month old self outa here." (Scoot, scoot, scoot)
As Alexander would say, "Ta da."
That was our day, all day, yesterday. We spent most of the day trying to fend Alexander off Kristiana. I had really hoped not to repeat what went on in my house growing up. Somehow, I have got to figure out how to stop the cycle.

Do I have to be the little sister.


Eleri said...

Kristiana is soo beautiful! What gorgeous eyes.

We have the same issue with Emily photo shoots. Kathleen usually yells "Cheese!" and shoves her out of the way.

Anne said...

I love your kids! I just wanna squeeze 'em all the time!