Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conversation Points

How ‘bout them Zags?

They’re doing well this year. Let’s break the cycle boys.

Facebook Hiatus

I hate to be one of “those people” who need to do something like this, but when you are defeated sometimes you have to be the bigger person. So here I am saying it out loud, Facebook defeated me. Last week in the midst of Lenten fasting, I found myself more obsessed with Facebook than ever. So, I am taking a break. I have not logged in since last Friday. I plan to check it once a week on the weekend. If you need to urgently contact me, call my cell phone; it’s listed. And thank you for understanding my temporary Facebook insanity. (If you are reading this on Facebook, it’s not because I logged in. It’s imported from my blog.)

Married with Children? –Read This (Funny Because It’s True)

My sister sent me this article on being married with children. It is basically a letter from husband to wife about what his experience as a husband and father has been. It is so poignant to my husband and my married life that it could have been written by Andrew himself.

As I read it I had a Walker Percy Moment: Walker Percy writes about how understanding your place in the universe is key knowledge and will help you in your understanding of just about anything else in the universe…In his writings he talks about the joy beings take in being able to identify with one another—we take pleasure, feel comfort and safety in being able to find oneself elsewhere in the world—being at a T.V. talk show and the host says, “hey, is anyone from New Jersey and some in the crowd cheers.” The cheer is the joy—saying to the world, “hey, that’s me. Woohoo! I am from New Jersey.” Or walking on a downtown street and catching your reflection in the store window and you turn and stare as you walk by. You think hey that’s me and you react to your appearance.

As I read the article about the relationship of a loving couple married with children, I look at the window saw the reflection and said, hey that’s me. Then I laughed. It’s funny because it’s true.

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Kayleen said...

Okay, I read that article...hahahahaha. It was very funny. I asked Mike how much of it he agreed with, and he didn't want to admit anything. :D Thanks for sharing!