Tuesday, May 5, 2009

7 Not So Quick Takes Tuesday

1. I cannot understand why I am so tired. C’est la vie. Just as the Swine flu freak out started last week Andrew and I came down with colds that commenced with one full day of achiness. I spent the rest of the week trying to get over it. Today, I finally feel as though I am over it.

2. Kristiana: She had an ear infection that we only noticed on Holy Thursday. We had to wait all weekend to take her to the doctor. She was a trooper. She took 10 days of amoxicillin and appeared to be better. By the middle of the following week after she stopped taking the antibiotic she was rubbing her ear pretty vigorously again. Now she is on a stronger antibiotic and she hates the orange flavor. Last week on Wednesday night when she was grumpy with her earache we decided to take her mind off of it by shaving her head with clippers. Her hair was all patchy, so now it will grow in evenly. She’s pretty cute with her fuzzy velvety head. I miss her hair. Headbands and ribbons have become her friend. The head shaving was fun for her.

3. I have been reading the Duggar story “20 and Counting,” and I am almost finished. A friend sent me the book. It is pretty interesting how they have weaved their Christian values throughout every aspect of their lives. Their story has inspired me to be more Holy. They put every aspect of their lives into the hands of God. Every THING is for God, or because of God.

One of the stories they told was how their vacuum broke down and they really needed one because they had a lot of dust in their home from living on a busy street. So they prayed for one and to make a long story short they got one. I initially thought that God does not go around talking to us and sending us vacuums. That can be dangerous going around thinking God is telling you to do things--or blasphemous thinking God will send you material goods. But, then I thought, or does He? I mean, why not. People experience miracles and signs all the time. As Walker Percy pointed out, what about the Jews? They are a sign. Why can’t a vacuum also be a sign? This is a longer discussion. But, their vacuum story has reminded me to put all my trust in God and simply have faith. I am also reminded of the story of Christ walking on water. He tells Peter to come to Him. Peter starts to walk on water, but half way to Christ he begins to sink and Christ tells Peter, “Oh ye of little faith.” (Matthew 14:22-34).

4. In relation to the passage above, I have a friend who used to always remind what Jesus said in this passage, “Come.” He wants us to surrender to Him and simply have faith. So my story of faith this week, we have been wanting a baby walker for Kristiana. I went to a secondhand sale to find one, but they were over priced. I have been tempted to just buy one at the store, but it doesn’t really fit into the budget. We would buy it on credit. So I decided she plays with the one at daycare enough that we don’t need one. Last Friday, our neighbors moved out and they left some things beside the dumpster—an old T.V., a table and chairs, and a baby walker! I could not believe my eyes when I pulled into the driveway. I sheepishly approached it and examined it to see if it was damaged in any way. It wasn’t. It was just used. I celebrated God. I do not know why, but I felt like it was a gift from God. I was so happy. Kristiana loves the walker. She contently played with toys while sitting in it all weekend. It gives us enough time to put her down and get a few things done here and there.

Now I am praying for a new crib ;-) The side rail on our crib does not stay up very well. If you lean on it, it falls down. Kristiana does not use the crib yet. She still sleeps in the bassinette or in our bed. I thought about using duct tape to tape up the rail, but I’d rather have a brand new, never used crib for safety.

5. On Saturday, Andrew pulled out an old jar of change and started counting it. Alexander got really excited about it and started telling Andrew over and over, “I want money!” I pulled out a piggy bank and we gave him a bunch of pennies to put in the bank. It took him a while and he had a good time. When he had finished, he ran to Andrew and told him again, “Daddy, Daddy, I want money!” Andrew told him,

“No more, Buddy.” Alexander was, of course, upset. At that moment Andrew received a phone call and came to the kitchen where it was quieter. I was making bread with Kristiana. A few moments later Alexander popped into the kitchen door with a sword in his hand. He pointed the sword up at Andrew and scrunched up his face and said in a Cookie Monster type voice, “Gimme your MONEY!” Andrew and I immediately busted up laughing. Alexander got grin on his face like, “I did something funny.”

Forever, I am going to remember that moment, because it was so funny and precious—the time Alexander held his daddy hostage for some pennies.

6. Also on Saturday, Alexander and I planted herbs and tomatoes in pots on our back porch. It was a fun little activity for us and I can’t wait for the results!

7. The executive staff is out of the office this week for the yearly May board meeting. So, it is extremely quiet and slow around the office. It’s nice. It is a mental break for me.

Cabbage Patch Baby


Kayleen said...

I'm reading the Dugger's book now too! I love it. I keep telling Mike about all these things their family does and now Mike thinks I'm "obsessed". I'm not, but I am certainly inspired, aren't you?

Also, I love the little head wraps. Louisa has hardly any hair at all so hats and headbands are her friend too :)

Oh and finally, thanks for sending me the info about KellyMom. That is an awesome website, I have used it a few times before but didn't really realize the extent of it. Thanks!

Renee Therese (Towler) Clayton said...

I have since finished the book. I do the same thing with my husband. The Duggars do this, and that. Especially with discipline, I say, "You know the Duggars don't spank." We are trying to not spank because Alex is very offended by it. I am particularly impressed with their home schooling, having a servant's heart and teaching character. Neither of the Duggar parents have a college education and they have done very well with their children!