Friday, May 1, 2009

Boring Old, No One Special

Boring old, no one special, me.
That is plain for anyone to see.

But who am I, should someone ask?
Here I shall explain this task.

Born again is my name.
Once a daughter—so very tame.

Once a student, actress, artist,
Pretty intelligent—never quite the smartest.

Now living a quiet, unassuming life,
Secretary, mother, wife.

These are all the boring old, no one special parts of me.
Let me now deviate to illiterate the unique, yours truly.

Married to the East.
Sister of a Saint.
Daughter of a Beast.
Citizen of Shame.
Keeper of a King.
Mother of the Potential.
Child of Virtue.
None of these sequential.

Friendship, friendship and some prudence.
Hope, hope, and hope some more.
All of these still a bore.

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