Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am looking forward to the day when all have to do when I go to bed is sleep. I am so tired. Even though I am exhausted, I truly do cherish my nighttime parenting of baby Kristiana, and the 11:00 p.m. snuggle Alexander and I had last night. It is so strange that the punishment is worth it to have children. If I had known that this was what my parents were going through when we were kids, I might have been a lot nicer and forgiving toward them.

For the past few weeks…month…year…two and three quarters years…I have felt like Andrew and I are zombies—very little sleep, working hard. The kids still have not quite recovered from the junk they had a week and a half ago. They gave it to us via baby slobber and dirty little boy hands. Andrew and I sort of muscled through the last two weekends.

I fear the winter cold and flu season. School started back last Wednesday. Half of one whole elementary school is already out with Swine flu. There is still no flu vaccine and I fear for Alexander’s asthma. I know we are going to have to go through the Swine flu in our house. It is inevitable. Blessed Theotokos, pray for us.

Andrew’s tonsils are giving out on him. He was at the emergency room last Saturday with a very bad tonsil infection. Andrew's not one to complain about pain, so when he said he needed to see a doctor, I said go to the emergency room, don't wait until Monday. I am so glad he went. His infection could have been fatal by Monday. He got some antibiotics and is feeling better. Hopefully, at some point this year, his doctor will decide to remove them.

I have "the coughs." Krisitiana has the same thing plus pink eye (nice, great, excellent *sarcasm*). It's a drainage tickle. It's very bad in the night. I get to take a little cough medicine, which sort of helps. Kristiana just nurses all night. I am okay with her nursing, because it's better than listening to her cough all night. I can sleep through her nursing. So we're just trudging through it.


Anne said...

You're in our prayers! I hope you guys don't get swine flu... and I wish we were closer so we could help out more :(

In the meantime.. God bless you :)

Michelle M. said...

I hope you are all feeling better soon! We went through everyone being sick at the same time with strep throat several months ago. It was miserable. Prayers that everyone starts feeling better soon and that you get some rest.