Monday, September 28, 2009

Beauty and the Beef

Well, here she is folks. This is my beautiful table. After writing my previous post, I took a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond, to look for table cloths. Surprise! They just happened to have a few tables cloths on clearance up front. Of course, it took a bribe of M&M's to get my children to stop misbehaving while I was in the store. Alexander took a couple laps of the store (I forgot my leash, which he did wear at the grocery store in the morning, and was fine with it. I was making excuses all over the grocery store, but mom's kept telling me, "Oh you don't have to tell me, honey. I had one for my kid."). Kristiana screamed her head off for five minutes when I got inside the store. I do not know what her problem was. I couldn't leave I needed a new trash can and cooking string too badly. But, they both sat in the cart quietly after I bribed them with containers of mini-M&M's. I am seriously going to pay for my rewarding bad behavior someday. Anyway, back to my pretty table. I bought this table cloth, which is yellow, as well as second pastel green table cloth. I do not normally use table cloths, because they always get dirty and I never seem to be able to get them clean. The cat also sits on the table and messes everything up (watchout, kittty, you're about to get squirted with water right between the eyes). Further, I only had one table cloth before this point. But, after having some sort of "Come to Jesus" moment over setting the scene for holy family meals, I am converted. Now, I will be collecting table clothes, place mats and candles suitable for liturgical, meal celebration.

See the two figures in the middle. The one in the foreground is an angel holding a pineapple. It's a welcome angel, but in my family it represents my little brother who is now praying for all of us along with the angels. He brought the lore of the pineapple to our home. The other figure has it's arms crossed across it's heart. It's called "gracious," but it reminded my husband and I of how Byzantines pray. Crossing arms across your chest represents angel wings. Praying can be "gracious."

Bifteck Hache A La Layonnaise

Julia says, "Shock is the reaction of some Americans we have encountered who learn that real French people living in France eat hamburgers. They do eat them, and when sauced with any of the suggestions in the following recipes, the French hamburger is an excellent and relatively economical main course for an informal party."

Julia recommended buying the leanest ground beef for this dish, which is so, so funny, because then it is promptly drowned in a delicious butter and vermouth sauce. We have gone through a second pound of butter. Butter has officially been added to my weekly grocery list--so long as we are mastering the art of French cooking.

Andrew is the one who decided to make this entree and he prepared it all by himself. Of course it was the best burger ever. We may never go back to American-style burgers. Sure, we will partake at your every day, run of the mill barbeque, but I am not a huge fan of buns, so this is a great revelation. Bon Apetit!


Anne said...

Oh that looks delicious!! And the burgers look good too ;) I will have to make you a pretty table cloth for C'mas or something! So exciting!

How big is your table?

Kayleen said...

You done good. The table spread looks inviting and formal at the same time. I love love love those figurines. I have two of them myself and it amazes me how the artist conveys such strong emotions without any facial features. So lovely.

You read my mind about my header. I'm keeping an eye out for a cute picture to come up that I can use!

Michelle M. said...

That looks great! I used to always use tablecloths at our old house, but I haven't gotten into the habit at the new house because our kitchen table is smaller than the table we used in the old house. I probably need to get out and get a couple of smaller tablecloths so I can use them. The table setting looks lovely.

So how easy was the Bifteck Hache A La Layonnaise to make? It looks delicious!