Friday, February 12, 2010

That's Unethical

Earlier I posted a video slide show of our dear little Kristiana.  However, someone disgusting of the same name has posted inappropriate videos on You Tube, which show up in related videos next to my daughter's video. I have been unable to get these videos to go away.  You Tube does not allow you to control the related videos.  I think it's unethical.  Who wants scantilly clad ladies next to their baby daughter.  At a later time, I will re-post my video of Kristiana after I re-save it with a different name.


Meliss said...

Renee--did you know you can upload videos directly to Blogger? The icon is at the top of the publishing window when you're drafting the blog. It takes a bit, but I use that feature all the time. Vimeo (through Flickr, I believe) is also a good place for hosting videos and doesn't have the problems that YouTube does.

Renee Clayton said...

Yes, but I couldn't figure a way to do it with it having been created in movie maker. The .wmv wasn't recognized. It's a good tip with flickr though. I will have to work on that.

Meliss said...

Oh! Once you've finished your movie maker project, you have to select "publish" and it creates a file that Blogger will recognize. If that doesn't work (but it should) there are lots of free conversion programs out there to convert the .wmv file.