Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning Thru Passiontide

Yesterday, I read the Passiontide section of Maria Von Trapp’s book Around the Year with the Trapp Family.  She explained that in Austria the first three days of Holy Week should be spent doing Spring Cleaning in order to begin Easter season new and fresh.  The following three days of Holy Week are spent doing exclusively Holy things.  Not once did she mention food preparation for the festivities.  So when, WHEN! is the baking and preparing done?  Me thinks someone had a cook in Austria and in the U.S. she had 10 children to help.  I have reserved two hours (the children’s quiet time) each afternoon this week to prepare our Easter feast and such.  However, today I am going to really dig into Spring Cleaning, even though I did not prepare myself to do this, because boy does our house need a Spring Cleaning.  I do want to begin the Easter season new and fresh. 

Sunday popsicles, “on a hot summer day,” as Alexander would say.

100_1944Doll Baby

  100_1946 Yes, I know my son has blue chalk all over his face.
My only excuse is that he is three years old
and if I wiped his face every time he had something on it,
I would have wiped his face clean off by now.


Anne said...

AHH! Adorable children :) Good luck on the spring cleaning! What a great idea.. And a good penance, really. Every year on Good Friday, T's whole family cleans out the chicken coop :)

Miss you! Hope you have a blessed Holy Week!

Kayleen said...

I am enjoying hearing about your new adventures at home! How are the kids reacting? I know you said Alexander loved hanging out under the covers :) Fun fun fun!

Hope your Holy week is off to a good start.