Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tot Talk: Another Baby Sister?


Well, it’s a girl! Boy, were we surprised (pardon the pun). We were certain that we were having a boy.  Now I know all the theories about gender prediction are myths.  Nevertheless, we are as excited about our beautiful little baby as ever.  There is something about seeing the ultrasound that makes it all so much more real—tangible.

After the ultrasound, we showed pictures of the baby to Alex and told him that he was going to have two baby sisters.  He seemed that he liked the idea of two baby sisters.  We asked him what he would like to name his new baby sister.  He looked confused and said, “Kristiana.” 

We said, “Yes that is the name of your baby sister, but what would you like to call your other baby sister. The baby sister in mommy’s tummy.”

He exclaimed, “I don’t know what her name is!”

“Fair enough, little buddy.”


Michelle M. said...

Congratulations! That is exciting. I can tell you from experience that having a girl is nothing like having a boy :) It is a lot of fun- you'll love it.

Kayleen said...

Congrats on the news! I'm sure you all will come up with a beautiful name for her :)