Monday, May 3, 2010

Aroma Du Cafe

Aroma du Cafe I was wondering how long it would take my kids to tell me that my coffee breath was stinky.  I always hated it when adults had stinky coffee breath when I was a kid.  I told my mom all the time that she had stinky coffee breath.  I think I was five years old the first time I told her.  I did have scruples enough not to tell other adults. 

This morning, Alex leaned in to sweetly give me a kiss, and afterward he covered his little nose and said, “Ooo, stinky breath.”  It didn’t take Alex very long into life to make his first exclamation about coffee breath.  I apologized, but I didn’t feel too bad, because drinking coffee is apart of adult life.  I just have to own it.  Love it. Let it wake me up for motherhood.

(Photo credits: Anne Black)


Anne said...

love it! do adults not always notice others' stinky coffee breath because we all drink coffee?

at least drip-coffee-breath isn't as bad as espresso-coffee-breath ;)

can't wait to see you in a few days!

Kayleen said...

Haha; Alex did notice early :) But of course he still loves you, and it will be part of his memories of his mama when he grows up. I don't remember telling my mom that her breath smelled like coffee but I do remember there would be coffee stains in our van and on the counter tops because she was constantly with a coffee cup in hand. Again, not necessarily fond memories, but memories nonetheless :) Keep drinking, we all need our adult treats!

P.S. Mike is the one in this household that reminds me of my coffee breath.

Michelle M. said...

Punky has done the same thing to me :) haha

When I was in college, I was the musical director for a children's musical theater camp. There was one kid there who loved my coffee breath. He literally asked to sniff it- weird!