Friday, April 30, 2010

Time Well Spent


Other uses for a clothes line


The kids and I spent a lot of time outdoors this week.  Between, hanging out laundry, diapers and paintings; there were also daily trips to various parks; I also allowed/encouraged the kids to play in the water outside. 
We are all a little more tan.

My little scientist has continued his self guided science lessons a few times a week.
Here, he is testing water flow.


The kids playing well together.  It’s happening a little more often these days.


Poor Man’s Play Pool: A white cleaning tub and some plastic cups ;-)  
(At my husband’s request the kids are now wearing swimsuits instead of their birthday suits.  The neighbor girl, who is seven year’s old, kept coming over and peeping through the fence.  Then she would ask me to get them dressed.  “Well, stop peeping through my privacy fence!”)


Alex did not want to get his swim shirt wet. 
It was hard for him to understand that some shirts are made to get wet.



Checking out dinner: They couldn’t believe we were going to eat them.
Kristiana said, “Animal!”



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Anne said...

how did dinner turn out? that looks exciting! what an adventurous week you've all had!