Saturday, April 17, 2010

An Easter Luxury

Mmm, I have been enjoying lots of butter lately.  My husband and I both agree that the thing we missed most during Lent was butter.  Everything tastes so much better with butter smeared, or melted on it.  One of my favorite foods for Easter this year was our Pascha Bread.  Every time I ate a slice of our blessed Pascha bread with butter on it I would say a little prayer, because I was reminded of the Sacrifice.  I felt holy eating it. 

Banana bread and butter


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Anne said...

mmm... I hear you there! It was hard for us this Lent, since we are allergic to dairy anyway, but we tried to stick to our resolutions and avoid what we'd given up. T is glad to be drinking beer again, I'll say that much :)

And you're right--it's nice to remember the sacrifice when you can enjoy the luxury again.