Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I wanted to mention this last week, but I did not want to detract from Holy week and Easter preparations.  On Palm Sunday, I finally emerged from the first trimester doldrums.  When I reached mid-afternoon, Sunday, and I did not have to have an involuntary nap, and then 7:00 p.m. passed by and I did not fall asleep, then 8:00 p.m., then 10:00 p.m. came and I spent some time reading a book.  I was not going to declare it all over until the fat lady sang.  The next day was more of the same and so on.  I still get tired, but it is not nearly as bad.  I just wanted to share my joyful news.  Just in time to celebrate Easter.


Salvadore Dali - “Galacidalacidesoxiribunucleicacid”  The Resurrection


Anne said...

HOORAY!! Now when I come out in May we can sew all day together :) or you can sew and I can watch the kiddies or something ;)


Michelle M. said...

Yeah! That is great :)