Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bright Week & Bright New Ways

From out of the darkness, Christ’s disciples begin to learn that not all is lost.  In fact, eternity is gained.  And one by one, Christ shines His light upon the Apostles and disciples, giving glimpses of Alpha to Omega…

Monday I continued the Spring cleaning and gave the upstairs bedrooms a deep cleanse.  The kids played in Alex’s room.  Kristiana screamed her head off for a while—big brother does not play so well with her.

100_2029Monday is also laundry day.  However, laundry day seems to be turning into laundry three days.  It always seems to  take a full day to wash the laundry and then it takes another two days to fold, iron and put away.  Further, this week I started using our cloth diapers on Kristiana, so that added another load. 

We have had the diapers since Alexander was born, but it was too stressful to use them regularly.  I have used them for fours days so far.  The caked on toddler poop is awful.  After my husband changed one poopy diaper we immediately went online and bought some diaper liners so we can simply pull it away and flush it.  The diaper washing went well.  I had some practice from when we used them before. 

My bright new thing is hanging the laundry on a clothesline.  I hung the diapers out on the line and they dried nicely, white and clean.  I was so pleased with the results that I hung the next load on the line and watched the clothing gently waft in the wind.  The load dried in an hour, which is about the same if not quicker than the dryer. I think I am addicted to hanging the laundry.  It just felt right and it saves energy, which means we will save on our electric bill.  I probably will not hang every load, because sometimes it’s raining and or something else might come up that prevents hanging.

100_2022 100_2023

I made a mistake though.  I did not tighten the strands of rope enough, so the line sagged when I hung the clothing.  I also hung the lines too close together, so the clothing twisted about each other.  It still got the job done.  I will have to take the line down and re-hang it, but that’s something for the next laundry day.

My mom used to hang clothes on the line when I was little and we lived in Australia.  I remember we used to play in our play pool every day we could and when we were done, we would run over to the clothesline and pull sun warmed towels off the line.  When we moved to Wyoming there were many reasons to not use a clothesline, chiefly the weather.  The air is frozen nine months of the year and the wind blows so hard always that your underpants would be blown to Nebraska by nightfall. 

Somewhere, a couple years ago I read a humorous article about clothesline etiquette and I could not find it again to share.  If I ever find it, I will share it.

Christ is Risen!


Michelle M. said...

I love using cloth diapers. I hope it goes well for you. My trick with the toddler #2s is actually to let it sit in the diaper until I am ready to wash them. At that point, it has solidified a bit and I can easily dump it off a diaper into the toilet. But that is what works for us :)

Anne said...

I love this post :) It makes my heart glad to hear about your adventures at home, hanging laundry and listening to the kiddies play in the next room. I can't wait to come visit! Miss you!