Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scientist in the House

Alex saw some observation science experiments on one of his favorite PBS morning cartoons.  He explained to me that we had to get a magnifying glass and scissors and do the experiment.  So we went and collected leaves one day and learned how they give food to the plant by collect sunlight and oxygen.  We also looked at the veins and I told him how the veins carry water and nutrients. 


The next day we looked at rocks.  Underneath a big rock we found leaches and snails.


A little belly progress with baby #3.  Ultrasound in two weeks.



Anne said...

AHH! Adorably cute :) I love your belly (yes, that sounds weird).

And I'm so glad Alex is such a little scientist! What fun it must have been to give him your own lessons :) definitely keep his explorer pages. Those will be fun to look back on later!

Michelle M. said...

OH my goodness! You are adorable :) I don't think I was ever that small, even at the beginning. I "pop" almost immediately. You are so cute!

My son gets ideas from PBS, too.