Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life Would Be So Boring If Not For…

Today Kristiana discovered black olives.  Throughout the day she snacked on half a can. 
By dinner time she figured out that they fit nicely on her fingers.

This is Alex’s “Take a picture of meeee!” face

We shaved Alex’s head for his summer haircut yesterday.  He always gets so sweaty when it’s warm outside. This morning I asked him if he liked his new haircut.  He said that Mommy and Daddy took his hair, because they were being mean. I tried to explain to him that we just didn’t want him to be hot and sweaty when he played outside.  But, he was still sad, so we both apologized and told him we would leave it next time.

And finally, I made Chile Relleno for dinner.  It was delicious.
I made up my own sauce that made the whole meal heavenly.

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