Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Read My Blog?

I am always surprised when people tell me they read this blog. Today, I am having a follower drive.  If you read this blog and like it, please sign-up to be a follower.  Let me know who is reading along.

Follow Claytonopolis

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Kayleen said...

You can also sign up for site meter to spy on those who read your blog ;)

Anne said...

how do you sign up for site meter?

Renee Clayton said...

I want people to voluntarily tell me they are following the blog. Also, I got totally jealous when I saw you two had twice as many followers as I. But, people tell me all the time they read and like the blog. But, I want them to put their notch on my wall. It's totally vain. But, it encourages me to keep going.

Anne said...

Well, you (both!) always have twice as many comments as I do (which is impressive, since I often have zero. You can't multiply by zero and get anything more than zero unless it's blogger comments... oh well :) What's St. Paul say? Vanity of vanities..

it's good for my soul!

Kayleen said...

Haha. Well. The site meter is more just to see how many page "hits". You don't really get alot of information about the people who go on it, except their general location. Just type in Site Meter to Google, or go to the bottom of my page and click on it. It's pretty easy. I just recently got it but I don't look at it that often. Sometimes it's interesting though. Um, my comments aren't that plentiful, compared to some! :) I guess what matters to me is that my family gets a chance to keep up with what we're doing. I love reading both your blogs especially since we share the same faith!