Monday, April 12, 2010

My Favorite Moment…

Today was a day in which nothing quite seemed to go right.  I woke up early, but it was still about 45 minutes after I wanted to wake up.  I dove right into laundry, as I wanted to get all of it washed and hung early, so I could get it folded and put away today.  First thing, I turned a load of dish towels pink and spent the next hour bleaching.  I finally hung all the towels and a half hour later the house painters showed up and told us to move all our stuff so they could paint.  They did not show up until almost 10:00 a.m.! I figured they were not coming today, because I thought tradesmen, especially those who work outside, begin work early, certainly before 10:00 a.m.  So I had to take down the wash and had to move all the patio furniture and toys.  But, what really annoyed me was that they did not paint our unit until 4:30 p.m.

100_2087 I was determined to finish Easter cards this morning and get them sent.  (Don’t be insulted if you didn’t get one. I only sent them to our grandparents and one member of the clergy.)  It took me an hour on Sunday to print a few photographs of the kids (actually, it was a lot of photographs).  This morning I decided to draw pictures on a mere three of the cards.  I wanted to draw them all, but I was realistic with myself.  As few as I had, it took all morning.  The kids kept interrupting as kids do.  Everyone had a need this morning.  Alex insisted on coloring with mommy and using my special colored pencils.  He drew very nice pictures.  Kristiana was very needy today in general.  She woke up ready to be attached to mommy all day.

Some strange little five year old at the park thought it was a good idea to pants Alex and give him a wedgy.  I usually try to stay out of children playing and or fighting. I like Alex and the other kids to figure it out.  But, I definitely draw the line at touching underwear.  He didn’t give Alex a wedgy, because a mob of moms jumped to action.  But, everyone saw Alex’s underwear.  Alex is not really familiar with shame yet, so he shook it off and was ready to play again in seconds. 

More neediness from Kristiana in the afternoon—the kind that drives a mom a little mad.  It took me all day to realize I should put Kristiana in my sling.  She was in the sling while I made dinner.  She loved it.  She felt much better after just half an hour.  I made an awfully salty meatloaf that didn’t stick together in a loaf.  Andrew liked the meatloaf, because he likes salty.  It was just a little like the rest of the day.  It was okay, but nothing seemed to stick together quite right.

My favorite moment of today was when I dressed the children for bed, gave them the last cuddles of the day and tucked them into their beds.  That moment right after I walked away from their rooms was a moment of peace and a sigh of relief.  I finished the laundry—all of it—washed, folded and put away.  The day was truly not bad.


Michelle M. said...

I love the last line: "The day was truly not bad." I think a lot of my days recently have felt that same way. Hope today goes well.

Anne said...

Beautiful cards! I have been sorely despondent on my card-making. I mean, I still do photo cards, but the creative element just doesn't feel the same. Props to you for doing them :)

Way to go on the laundry! I read a great article on housework the other day. I want to write a post about it. You have inspired me :)

Love to you!