Thursday, April 8, 2010

Morning Baby

Kristiana is so happy, well-rested and beautiful first thing in the morning.  She also moves very fast, which is hard to photograph.  So I spent a little time this morning taking dozens of pictures of her and I finally obtained a few that capture her beauty.  I am still working on pictures that capture her personality.

100_2044 100_2038  100_2074

Handsome Brother


Alex decided to give Kristiana a ride on his tricycle today.  She loved it.
She always pretends to ride his trike, but can’t reach the peddles.



Kayleen said...

She's a beauty for sure, for sure! She is going to grow up into a gorgeous woman, too. Good for her for being a happy babe when she wakes up :) It sure helps when you're not ready to face the day to have a cheerful companion in the morning :)

Anne said...

Lovely! and I love that she can't reach the pedals yet--I totally sympathize ;) We hobbitses have to stick together!

You did well on the photos! Love her profile :) such a cute button nose! can't wait to see you guys soon-ish :D