Friday, June 18, 2010

Icon Writing 101: Fruition

It’s not perfect.  It’s my first one.  I tried to stop while I was ahead.  But, I would be proud to have it hang on my wall.  I still need to varnish it and put a wall hanger on it, and of course have it blessed.  There is gold paint on the borders laid over brown paint; the background behind Blessed Theotokos is yellow ochre with a lighter coat of gold paint and the halos are white with gold paint.  This Icon will be a gift when completed.  I learned patience.  I learned more about love, humanity and peace.  More importantly, I think the image speaks for itself.  It is worthy of being gazed upon in deep, spiritual meditation.

Part way through my working on this, our priest brought us this booklet on the Virgin of Vladimir. 
So now I know more about the image and the intricate symbols.


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Anne said...

STUNNING!! I am in awe :) what a beautiful image of the Theotokos! I would definitely hang that on my wall--you are a wonderful writer :)

Can't wait to start mine! Got a few sewing orders to fill first ;) Love to you!

Holly Bennett said...

Renee you did a wonderful job! It is beautiful. It belongs on a wall somewhere!

Michelle M. said...

That is beautiful! I think that must a particularly difficult iron to write. I hope you will do more in the future.