Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Real Pickle in the Middle and Other Goofy Things

I thought that there was no way the kids would like this snack.  It has green in the middle.  They didn’t eat the green part.  But, at least that did not deter them from the rest of the snack.  When the kids are older and less afraid of green and crunchy, this might actually become a favorite.

The recipe called for vienna sausages, but I used plain old hot dogs.  I sliced the hot dog, mini sweet pickles, and cheese into 1/2 inch portions.  Then I speared them with toothpicks.  The pickle goes in the middle ;-)  Personally, I thought they were great and would be fun for an informal party.  Let me know if you try these and what you think.


Alex and I thought it would be fun to make a self-portrait of us. 100_2375

Getting big! At this rate, I will gain more than with the other kids.
I hate to admit this is only 25 weeks (15 more weeks to go)
But, I recall leveling off in the third trimester, so no worries, right?


Michelle M. said...

You look beautiful! I always gained a bunch in the second trimester and then leveled off a bit in the third (although, I always gain way too much-- against my will because I really don't over eat--- it is very frustrating).

I don't think my kids would even touch that snack, even though it looks cute. It something "disgusting" is even touchy something "yummy", they won't eat any of it. Oh well!

Kayleen said...

I like your idea about an informal party. Using green olives instead of pickles might even be a nice touch, or both. It's so cute because of the toothpicks, and I can see how it would make it more appealing to kids, as long as their old enough of course.

I also think you look beautiful! As long as you are feeling how you should considering how far along you are, I wouldn't worry about how much of a belly you have. How big were your other babies? I am careful now when I talk to pregnant ladies though, I used to hate it when people would say, oh so you're due any day now! (when there was like 4 weeks to go ;)