Monday, July 5, 2010

Beautiful, Blessed Freedom – Journal of An American Family

It’s nice to have Independence day on a Sunday.  We woke up, dressed and went to Divine Liturgy.  It was a fulfilling and fitting way to begin and celebrate the holiday.

Kristiana was up to her usual, into everything, running all over the place.  She wore on our patience this morning.  After Liturgy, there were polish sausages and sauerkraut in the fellowship hall for everyone.  They were exceptionally good, even Alex ate some.  They reminded us of Texas, since we live very near a Czech community there…The children played with other adorable children outside.  It was smile inducing.

4th July cheese
fterward, we drove about 30 miles away to the next town to pick up our cat where he has been staying while we are visiting.  However, the time has come that he can no longer stay.  Our dear friend and catsitter is going on a trip to chaperone the Byzanteen Rally.  So our cat, Samwise, is getting to know a lot of other animals at my in-laws home. 

On our way to and from picking up Samwise, Kristiana screamed her head off in the car.  We were privileged to an hour of her screaming.  She was tired and did not want to be in the car for her nap.  She passed out when we arrived home again.  This is payback for the fits I threw at her age. 

We had a family gathering to celebrate the holiday.  I thought it would be fun if the children roasted hot dogs in the fire pit.  It took too long for the patience of the children, so we had to finish them on the grill.  It was a lovely barbeque with nice light salad and a perfect watermelon.  It did not last too long, which is nice for the children to get to bed on time and nice for this pregnant lady who tires quickly.


 Alex wanted a ride in the “backpack” and I love that he wanted a ride, so I took a picture.   I sort of wish Alex or Kristiana would take more rides in the carrier.  They would not be getting into things they shouldn’t and I enjoy to closeness.


I am celebrating that we are now in the third trimester (28 1/2 weeks).  This makes me eager to hurry up, be done and meet this baby girl.  The time will come soon enough…Other than some very minor and normal pregnancy aches and pain, this has been a perfect pregnancy and I feel really blessed.  I suffered from more exhaustion than I would like and some moodiness, but after some diet adjustments things seem better.

Happy Independence Day



Kacy said...

I love that picture of you and Andrew. You both look very happy, and you're glowing. :-) It sounds like y'all had a fun Independence Day celebration.

Kayleen said...

cute pictures of the family! Thanks for sharin'

Michelle M. said...

You look beautiful! I love the photo with the "backpack." :)