Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Unplugged – Part 2


Kiting - We made a homemade kite.  The funny thing about this summer project is that the idea sort of came from T.V.  We have been reading a lot of Berenstain Bears lately, since Grandmom and Granddad have the complete set of stories.  But, also PBS Sprouts on Demand has the stories in cartoon form.  Alex was watching an episode called “Fly a Kite.”  In the episode, the bear cubs insisted on buying nice new kite for the kite flying contest.  But, their father said that they could build one.  The father helped the cubs build a kite, but it was too heavy to fly.  The cubs insisted that they were going to fly the kite in the contest because they built with their own hands.  Eventually the kite flew when the took it to the top of the hill.  Alex wanted to build his own kite.  I am pretty sure this one will fly.  But there is no wind right now, so we will have to wait to fly it.  We made it out of tree branches, double layered decorative tissue paper and masking tape.


Style Maven – Kristiana loves to pick out her own clothes.  She is attracted to really bright obnoxious colors.  She originally picked out a bright orange shirt to go with these pants, but I knew she would settle for the pink kitty shirt.  At first, I said no to the whole outfit and dressed her in something that matches.  She threw a wild fit.  So I let her have her way.  I am sure there will be consequences for my letting her do that.  But, I also recognized the error of my ways.  I’d rather let her occasionally let express herself through her clothing than stifle her and have it result in a major teenage rebellion later.  I hope that is somewhat sane thinking.

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