Monday, January 3, 2011

7 Quick Takes - 2011


IMG_08101. If someone had told me ten years ago that this is what my life would be like in 2011, I would have said that sounds about right. Glad to know I am living the dream I imagined for myself ten years ago.  Although, if you had told me twelve years ago, I may have still been holding onto the princess complex in which I meet a true-life, handsome prince and we live a romantic fairy tale, happily ever after, somewhere in Europe. ;-) I think my reality is better than the fantasy.

2. Holidays, guests and moving has kept us moving at a breakneck pace for more than a month.  I am looking forward to getting back to our rhythm.  As soon as I catch up on laundry and finish unpacking boxes hopefully we will fill settled.  Of course, if it is not one thing it’s something else.  I have about eight pots on the back burner and I am not sure any of them will make it to the front.

3. Here is a thought running through my head lately: Is wanting to home school my children an unwillingness to release control? Is home schooling really a control freak thing? Is sending my children to public school a selfish desire to get them out of the house and let their discipline both personal and educational be someone else’s job?  I have chalked it up to being selfish on my part either way.  People tell me that the school district we are in is really good and Alex has a desire to go to school.  However, I think to how important my Catholic school education was to my overall formation.  We cannot afford private school, therefore it’s public or home school.   For now, I tell everyone that I am in love the idea of home schooling, but I can not figure out how to make it work for us. Am I lazy? Am I poor at disciplining my children? I feel like I work all day caring for the home and kids. How do moms fit in home school as well?  I have 18 months to think and pray about this.

4.  Alex has been looking at books for long periods lately and playing imaginative games in his Buzz Lightyear costume. Today, he and I played a whole game of Monoply and he was patient and followed along even when his little sister was being annoying.  BUT, when we ask him to do something he does not want to do it or punish him for being mean to his sister he gets really belligerent.  I am not sure how to handle him.  We want to punish him with gravity, but we don’t want to yell or spank too much, because he acts out similar behavior yelling and hitting.

5. Kristiana has been taking off her diaper after every time she goes in it, yet I cannot get her to go in the potty.  She is driving me crazy having to chase her around with a diaper all day.  So much for new carpet. She’s like having a puppy—puddles everywhere.

6. Dress up! – Oh cute!


7. Giggles and Tackles – Alex and Kristiana are always running around chasing each other and giggling.  This is a sample of one of those times.  This is not one of their cutest giggle races, but you get the idea.


Kayleen said...

cute video! Did you cut it off at the end when Alex jumps on Kristiana's back? lol, looks like that hurt! But I can tell she is a tough cookie so probably not. I also love her piggy tails!

So interesting you say you are about where you imagined yourself 10 years ago. My life is worlds different than I ever imagined it to be, but I agree with you - reality is much better than fantasy. I would probably be miserable at some job that I didn't like with a man who wanted to wait 5 years before having kids or something like that. I'm so grateful I met Michael and found the Catholic Church. Life with children is so tricky sometimes, but I am very happy.

priest's wife said...

Cute pictures!

Don't you live in California (?) One way to homeschool in CA is to use a public charter school geared to homeschoolers. Most will have a certified teacher come to the house (or the library) to go over attendance and work samples with you.Some of them also give money for approved vendors and such. One example is Golden Valley Charter School in Southern CA. This might be a 'middle way' for you- but you are still doing the work.

My girls do choir, Shakespeare and 3 days of ballet a week- plenty of opportunities to be out of my control!