Thursday, January 6, 2011

Twelfth Night

Well today was upside down as it should be on the twelfth night of Christmas, but it was totally unintentional and that is not a good thing. :-( I woke up early to walk the dog, but she did not do her business like usual, only to find out my husband took her out in the middle of the night and she had done it then.  When I arrived back home I realized Andrew had forgotten to put the garbage cans by the curb for trash pickup.  It is not easy to haul out big trash cans when you have a big dog pulling on a leash.  I went inside and began to rush to ready the children to go to our Adoration hour.  I barely made it out the door in time, but I didn’t get to have breakfast (that’s really unusual for me).  During Adoration Alex was really well-behaved and that is unusual for him.  Kristiana ran laps around the room.  We went to get drive-thru doughnuts afterward and then off to “the kid store.”  They have a play area, but there were no other kids to play with today.  That’s weird.  But, it gave me an opportunity to get the kids out of there quicker today.  We came home and tried to get organized.  Andrew stayed home from the office—strange, I thought he was going in.  I ate some strange leftovers for lunch (never a good idea).  I ended up with a tummy ache.  Then I put Kristiana down for an early nap because she was throwing fits all over the house.  She threw a fit in her bed for only a half hour and then went to sleep.  Alex and I put together some crafts and painted.  He became distracted and only painted for a short while and then became interested in manly hammer swinging with Daddy.  I continued to paint a little. Did I mention Annie did not sleep much except short naps all day.  Since, Alex did not finish painting and when Kristiana woke up the paint was still sitting out, so she joined in finishing the painting.  She was doing well until Alex had to suddenly help again because she was now painting his picture.  He mixed all the colors together and she kept painting. We ended up with a mess.  Thank goodness hubby didn’t make a big deal about having to get out the bissell carpet cleaning machine.  But, Kristiana painted the top part of the throne herself with my direction of what color she should use—not bad.  I was impressed.  Then the kids ran around being crazy for hours.  We were supposed to go to a Three Kings party in the evening, but didn’t make it.  We were putting our shoes on and getting ready to leave the house, when we caught Alex trying to gouge out Kristiana’s eye with her fairy wand.  And that is when the fun ended.  We punished the kids by not going to the party and going to bed early.  Neither one of them had behaved very well during the day and Andrew and I were two stressed out parents.  At least, I was stressed until everyone went to bed.  “It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.”

Three Wise Men


Three Fools


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