Saturday, May 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Y Not

1.  Our first week in Washington was busy! We had to settle in unpack and wash laundry.  The dogs got to know each other (in unmentionable ways :-/. We visited a couple of favorite restaurants (we started a top ten list).  We went to the library. We got a YMCA membership!

2.  I have been trying to go every day.  The Y nearby is really swanky.  I love it.  I took the kids swimming and went to a couple classes.  I was told the season 6 Biggest Loser winner is a member at this Y.  Hopefully, I will get back into shape.

3.  I saw a little tutu set at the store, lost my head and bought it.  When Kristiana saw it, she grabbed it and would not let it go. At the check out, I told her that she fooled me into buying her the dress.  She said, “No, you fooled you.”

“Ain’t it the truth, daughter.”


4.  Alex didn’t like Kristiana getting all the attention as the pretty princess.  So he came to me and said, “I’m the prince.”  Then he sweetly hugged Kristiana and I was already taking pictures, so I was able to capture it. :-) Adorable.  Kids, don’t ever forget to love each other.

Prince and Princess Clayton

5.  Annie is trying to crawl.  She can do it.  It’s just slow moving.  She is also always surrounded by people and toys and she lets everyone know she would prefer to be picked up.  She also likes to pull up on whatever she can.  She would much rather get up and walk away.  In due time, my little one.

Annie Crawl

6. LEGOS Fun! Are you jealous that I have spent whole mornings playing with legos this week?




7. This was a very uninteresting quick takes.  But we have a fun summer planned. We are going to see the Spokane sites, catch up with friends (BTW, if you are in Spokane and want to catch up, please don’t wait until the last week we are here to try to visit), barbeque with family, make s’mores.  It should be fun.  Next up, hopefully working on my very own Icon to be hung at our church here.  This summer is going to be busy.


Kayleen said...

Welcome back to Washington! I wish you were on this side of the mountains though. If you guys ever make at trip to Seattle, you've got to stop by. We have a big house for hosting you now.

Question; How do you keep the legos from Annie? Are you scared she is going to get a hold of one and put it in her mouth? Something I have nightmares about for the future when we might have older kids with older toys and babies.

Renee Clayton said...

Good question. My in laws have a den and the kids set up the legos there. Annie is not allowed to join in. I set her up in a separate area with toys. I was also concerned about the dogs. I think the blanket answer I have heard from other moms is to setup an area away from younger children who cannot play with older kids toys.