Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bird Man

My friend sent me a link to this blog and voila – wings for Alex.  These wings provide perfect dress up fun. 

I could only vaguely remember the blog when I rushed off to the hobby store for fabric.  It’s been about a month since I last saw it.  However, this is simply how I operate.  I skim a recipe and then months later I happen to have some of the ingredients in the house and I slap something together that resembles the recipe I read.  It always turns out tasty ;-)   

I don’t have access to a sewing machine right now, so I bought fabric glue and some pretty (and cheap) fabric.  I free-hand drew a semi-circle on the fabric.  I made progressively smaller semi-circles on other colors.  Then I drew the “feather” shapes on the semi-circles and cut them out.  I positioned the feathers and glued them down.  Then I sewed on hand and shoulder straps.

Tomorrow I will post Kristiana’s wings.






anne said...

Woot!! love these, so cute :) Glad you liked the link, too! What colors did you get for KK's wings? Does Alex have a special kind of bird he wants to be? What about a flying dinosaur ;)

Also, great shot of him in front of the TV: lighting, feel, everything. wonderful :)

miss you. but glad y'all are having fun in WA! Give it some love from me :)

Kayleen said...

cool beans! I can't wait to see Kristiana's. When I saw Anne post this (it was her, right?) I wanted to make them too. Maybe if I can make it to the craft store in the near future I will. I also tend to create things the way you describe. Good job! Looks like he loves them!

Jane said...

So cute! I like that you didn't split the wings the way they are in the original version. Your version is better.