Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tot Talk–L’il Stinkers

It seems like lately everything that my children say is either cute or funny…

Recently, we have been out at numerous gatherings in the “We’re Leaving Washington Tour.”  I have been bringing along the kids pajamas and when we are ready to leave, I change them into there pajamas.  The kids fall asleep on the car ride home and we put them straight to bed when we get home. 

One night at a gathering I took Alex to the powder room to change him into his pajamas.  After he was changed I asked him to put his shoes back on.  He said, “No, I want to go in feet.”

I replied, “Oh you want to go in bare feet.”

“No Mommy, human feet not bear feet.”


I was still grinning from Alex’s cute mistake when I took Kristiana into the powder room to change into her pajamas.  She was full of sugar and jib-jabbering away.  She was fully stripped down and I held out a clean diaper and asked her to come to me to get dressed.  She was talking about this and that.  I am not sure of all the things she was saying.  The next thing I knew she turned around, bent down, grabbed her butt cheeks and started talking at me with her butt.  Yes, I got the Jim Carey/Ace Ventura treatment from a two year old.  And now I know, either Jim Carey stole his act from a two year old or he has the mind of a two year old.  This is how my whole summer has been. Kristiana is really funny and she knows it.



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priest's wife said...

such sweeties- and I love her outfit!