Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Icon Writing–The Creation of the Sun

Here is the Icon I have been working on for the past six weeks for our Byzantine church in Washington.  I feel relieved it is done.  I will not know what to do with my time now that I will not be using every spare moment to work on it.  I suppose I will read more and blog.

I hardly had enough time to complete this work.  I could have used another 20 hours to work on it.  All I can see are the mistakes.  However, I think I achieved what the Icon intends to convey.  Further, I prayed my prayers and then dipped the paintbrush into the paint.  I know this is the work of God.

It is 24 X 39 inches, which is quite a large icon. While I copied an existing Icon, I constructed the image myself instead of tracing…And now onto the rest of Creation.






Sun Cre Crop

P.S. My sweet Icon protégé, Alex, kept asking if he could help. He really wanted to help badly. However, I explained to him that this is a grown-up Icon. He kept asking until it was almost finished and then he said, “Oh, I do not want to work on this one. I know it’s a grown up Icon now.”


anne said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! WOW, Renee!! that is stunning, simply and wonderfully beautiful! I am beyond impressed :) And I love that Alex is your helper--even if not for grown-up icons. Anytime he wants to write me one, I'm down :D

love you guys! miss you...

kayleen said...

I am so impressed! It is just lovely. I love the detail in the sun. Honestly, I have not seen this icon before (I know, I'm still a baby Byzantine) Great job. May God bless you for all the hard work and worry you put into this icon.

By the way, I hope one day you can come over the state to St. John's for a visit. That would be awesome :)