Thursday, June 30, 2011


So some of my blog friends are really into this Pretty/Happy/Funny/Real blog post in which you post pictures under each category. Sometimes I hate to follow the crowd…but to be honest, I think I just have not had time to think about what I would post if I were to participate.  However, I have some photos to share this week that fit these categories.






Real – I have two!

I don’t mean to embarrass Kristiana, but she can throw a fit with the best of them. But, all I need to do is affirm her feelings and then let her know her behavior is not acceptable, then she is fine.


Look at Annie stand up on her own. Toddling here we come. It’s about time.  She is nine months old.  The day Alex turned nine months he started walking.  No, I am not really keen on her walking.  Although, she crawls really fast, so it may not be much difference.  She is on the go!



priest's wife said...

just love these photos --- especially the fit ;)

kayleen said...

I haven't photographed a fit in a long while. I have some funny ones from back when Louisa was younger. I think it's fine...they will laugh when they are grown up and see them.

Yay Annie - way to go! (But it's a little early to be walking...maybe give your parents a little longer before you're off and running :)