Saturday, June 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes–Summer Fun

1. The lots of simple fun is going on and it feels like summer is moving fast.  I haven’t had much time for blogging. 

2. Annie played in a sandpit for the first time.  She was perfect and did not even try to eat the sand.


3. We had the annual family s’more gathering.  Hopefully we will do it again.




4.  Icon writing class has begun at church.  I was asked to do a specific Icon for the church. It’s huge and I am intimidated.  After working on the icon for an hour and a half, I realized that I was asked to do it in a mirror image.  So I was about to freak out, but it was decided my icon could be hung somewhere else in the church.  I prayed and prayed and prayed this morning that God would work through me—that He would penetrate my soul with this icon.  And my friend pointed it out that it must be God’s vision for our church.  I think she was being kind.  But, I feel badly that I did not do what was asked of me.  I cannot help but think I was distracted by my impatience and fear.  I think my biggest problem with this icon is finding time to work on it with the kids around.  The icon must be complete before I leave mid-July.  I think this is perhaps I have bit off more than I can chew.

5. Andrew sold his collectible Star Wars card game for nearly $400.  So he will take me out for a nice dinner and then pocket the rest for his new hobby. Pretty cool.


6. I am still trying to workout a lot.  I am finding it’s really hard to do with three kids.  By the time we get ready in the morning, go to the gym and come back, the entire morning is gone.  Then we have lunch and a home school lesson with Alex and Kristiana.  Then Kristiana goes to nap and Alex and I work more on school.  When Alex is done. Annie wakes up.  We clean up, start dinner and the day is 3/4 finished. Dinner, bath, story, prayer, bed for the kids, a little relaxation and the day is done.  As beautiful as this all is, there is not much room for anything else.  I hope one of these days I learn to accept that, for now, my life does not have a lot of maneuverability.

7. Praying for our Godson and his family.  He will be born soon and we are hoping it is a safe and healthy birth for mother and son.

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