Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tot Talk - Alex’s Team

I enrolled Alex in sport’s camp this summer.  This is my life-ling mom dream come true.  It’s my baby’s first summer camp.  The camp offered two days (mornings) of basketball, two days of flag football, two days of soccer and two days of t-ball.  I am really excited that Alex got to try a bunch of different sports.  For some reason I got it into my head that THIS WAS IT. Alex was going to discover the sport that he was sooo good at that we would begin his olympic training now. ;-) I mean everyone tells me how fast and athletic Alex is.  However, he was not amazingly good at any particular sport and he was not bad at anything either.  He just played hard and had fun.  What more could a mom ask for?  Well, how about a cute story? Okay, here it is…

On the third day of camp, I plopped down on the sopping wet, sideline grass and tried to entertain my baby girls as Alex went to shoot the breeze with the other campers before camp.  One of the coaches stepped to the side and was talking to his eight year old daughter.  I just happened to overhear him say, “I have to find Alex.  You have to meet him.  He is my favorite.  Yesterday, I asked the kids what we should name our team and no one said anything.  Then Alex said ‘Hey, I have an idea. How about Alex’s Team.’ Everyone else said okay and that’s our team. So I have to find Alex.”  At this point, I was thinking that is awesome.  He had told me that it was Alex’s Team the day before, but I did not believe him.  I thought it was some rambling from a four year old.  As camp began that day I heard the team cheer altogether, “Alex’s Team!”  I had a really proud mom moment.

“Yeah, that’s my boy!”

So what does a proud mommy do?  I made t-shirts.  Alex designed it.  He wanted a “Fireball! with a thunderbolt!”  I made one for each of our family members and grandparents, and the coach of course.  I did not make them for all the kids, because I think that would have been a little strange for the other parents and way expensive.  The back of Alex’s t-shirt says “Team Captain,” and the coach’s says, “Coach.”

…On the first day of soccer, the coach forgot to pick up the balls. One coach thought the other coach was going to pick them up. So I came to the rescue with two soccer balls and orange cones. I feel like a cool soccer mom. 

I can not wait to see what these kids do in their lives as they grow up.  It’s so exciting.  I hope that we are able to guide them to have honorable character and produce good fruits.  Grant it, O Lord.



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