Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tot Talk: Yummy Eternal Food

Tonight we went to the Baptism, Chrismation, First Communion of a friend’s son.  I love to see the Rites of Christian Initiation.  To me it is a great reminder of my own sacraments.  For a moment, I find myself as close to the Holy Spirit as I once was during my own Chrismation.  At the same time there is both a heaviness and a lightness within the room.  The smoke from the incense lifts us up.  The candle illuminate.  The scented oils fill our senses.  Then the grand moments occur.  The soul is bathed clean, the spirit is sealed, the life is nourished.

This world is so distracting. I am so distracted. Even tonight, the children were as wiggly as worms and as noisy as pricked pigs (including all the children present, not just my own).  It was very hard for me to be present with the Lord tonight.  Nonetheless, the Holy Spirit was there. It was so beautiful. 

Kristiana was very wild during liturgy.  She ran back and forth from the Narthex to our place in the Church.  But finally she settled when our friend told her that after she received Jesus there would be cake.  The children and I went to receive the Eucharist.  When we returned to our place.  Kristiana looked at me, rubbed her belly and said, “Mmm, yummy food. I like Jesus.”  I must admit even though she is only two years old, I felt a little embarrassed.  I leaned over and whispered in her ear,

“It is the food of Eternal Life.”

Without skipping a beat, her eyes widened and she exclaimed loudly, “ETERNAL LIFE!?!” and then she nodded her head, yes.  No one else heard her, but me.  The rest of the church were chanting a Eucharistic hymn.  However to me, it seemed that it was a moment of understanding between us.  God love the children—they are so innocent and refreshing.


anne said...

Oh, those EYES!! she's such a little lovely :)

and such a touching moment between the two of you :) those are the moments that stick with you.. truly refreshing :)

priest's wife said...

This is why we call the sacraments MYSTERIES